Frontflieger - die Soldaten der Deutschen Fliegertruppe 1914 - 1918 a page for the members of the Fliegertruppe (German Air Force) 1914 - 1918.
The department EINHEITEN is nothing else but a list of GERMAN AIR FORCE UNITS with their known members as far as they are mentioned and listed on the cemetery. It is also planned to present pics of these units.

The FRIEDHOF is nothing else but a SOLDIER's-CEMENTERY of the German Air Force 1914 - 1918. You will find here soldiers who either fell during the war or died later. The key fact is the knowledge of the burial place.
Beside the portrait of the living person you'll find name, rank, birth date an place, date of the death and place; information about the grave. In France (F) and Belgium (B) it is normally a German Soldier's Cemetery; in Germany (D) the the town and name of the graveyard is mentioned.

The something other RICHTHOFEN-ALBUM a collection of information and above all pictures of Manfred Freiherr von Richthofen, the famous Red Baron/ Roter Kampfflieger. I hope to be able to show you new aspects of his daily life.

I recently opened the SANKE-GALLERIE, a collection of the famous Postcards of German pilots. It is to grow If you are in possesion of some scanned pics, do not hesitate to send them to Kontakt/feed-back/contacte. For the benefit of all interested. It is not MY archive, it is OURS.

At the end of this short introduction I would like to apologize for the fact that this homepage is generally written in German. But, a page about German fliers may be written in German.
At the same time I hope that interested people, who do not understand German, will nevertheless find the information they are looking for. Otherwise: Kontakt/feed-back/contacte